Start your day with Activel! A dietary gem, a natural delight.

It’a a 100% natural product, gluten-free and low-fat, belonging to the Superfoods category.

It’s made of Cretan honey, extra virgin olive oil and kiwis, plums or figs, all ingredients shielding the human organism.

You can enjoy it with yogurt, bread or also use it to prepare tasty salad dressings.

CodeBarcodeProduct and SizeItems / BoxGross Weight/ BoxHeightLengthWidthBoxes / RowRowsBoxes / Pallete
ME-00-0065204401600066Activel with Fig, vase 250 gr125,495kg0,11 cm0,28 cm0,21 cm14570
ΜΕ-00-0075204401600080Activel with Plum, vase 250gr125,495kg0,11 cm0,28 cm0,21 cm14570
ΜΕ-00-0085204401600073Activel with Kiwi, vase 250gr125,495kg0,11 cm0,28 cm0,21 cm14570