The award winning extra virgin olive oil, of the “Koroneiki” kind, is produced in eastern Crete, from selected olive tree fields in the area of Sitia in the prefecture of Lassithi, Crete. which yield their own distinctive taste.

It’s a certified Protected Designation of Origin product, it is checked by the most valid certification bodies at every stage of production in order to ensure its authenticity.

It is rich in natural anti-oxidants, nutritional elements and has low acidity.
It’s clear green, with an intense fruity scent and a perfect balance between sweet and bitter, leaving a long aftertaste.

CodeBarcodeProduct and SizeItems / BoxGross Weight/ BoxHeightLengthWidthBoxes / RowRowsBoxes / Pallete
PD-00-0015204401530011Metal Tin, 1lt1212,750kg0,27 cm0,30 cm0,23 cm13565
PD-00-0025204401530028Metal Tin, 500ml126,770kg0,19 cm0,27 cm0,20 cm14570
PD-00-0035204401530035Metal Tin, 250ml123,640kg0,13 cm0,27 cm0,21 cm14570
PD-00-0075204401530080Bottle, 750ml1214,135kg0,31 cm0,29 cm0,22 cm14570
PD-00-0065204401530073Bottle, 500ml1211,155kg0,30 cm0,25 cm0,20 cm19595
PD-00-0085204401530097Bottle, 250ml126,070kg0,25 cm0,21 cm0,16 cm285140