The extra virgin olive oil Mountain Villages, comes from the mountainous olive tree fields of the Merambelo area in Lassithi, Crete. The area remains untouched, and the green of the olive tree, the almond tree, the locust tree, the thyme bush, the oregano and dozens of other Cretan plants prevails.

It has a light spicy taste, a rich fruity scent and very low acidity. It is a product of good agricultural practice.

CodeBarcodeProduct and SizeItems / BoxGross Weight/ BoxHeightLengthWidthBoxes / RowRowsBoxes / Pallete
KX-00-0015204401572035Pet Bottle, 1lt1211,295kg0,28 cm0,34 cm0,26 cm10550
KX-00-0025204401572042Pet Bottle, 2lt611,730kg0,29 cm0,31 cm0,22 cm12560
ΚΧ-00-0035204401571038Metal Tin, 500ml126,770kg0,12 cm0,29 cm0,31 cm12560
KX-00-0045204401571045Metal Tin, 1lt1212,750kg0,19 cm0,31 cm0,30 cm12560
KX-00-0055204401571052Metal Tin, 5lt420,550kg0,34 cm0,30 cm0,24 cm11444
KX-00-0065204401571069Bottle, 750ml1214,135kg0,31 cm0,29 cm0,22 cm14570
KX-00-0075204401571076Bottle, 500ml1211,155kg0,30 cm0,25 cm0,20 cm19595
KX-00-0085204401571083Bottle, 250ml126,070kg0,25 cm0,21 cm0,16 cm285140