We are able to proudly offer you the purest product that could ever be produced from the Cretan nature!

Extra virgin olive oil of optimal quality, of the “Koroneiki” kind, extracted from carefully selected olive tree fields in the province of Merambelo in Lassithi, Crete.
This oil is deep green, it has a velvety texture, a fruity scent of medium intensity and slightly spicy taste.

The LYRAKIS FAMILY offers consumers a classic extra virgin oil of high nutritional value and unique organoleptic features. A true nutritional gem with a lot of beneficial properties.

CodeBarcodeProduct and SizeItems / BoxGross Weight / BoxHeightLengthWidthBoxes / RowRowsBoxes / Pallete
EP-00-0055204401580054Bottle 750 ml1214,135kg0,31 cm0,29 cm0,22 cm14570
EP-00-0065204401580061Bottle 500 ml1211,155kg0,30 cm0,25 cm0,20 cm19595
EP-00-0075204401580078Bottle 250 ml126,07kg0,25 cm0,21 cm0,16 cm285140
EP-00-0015204401580016Metal Tin 5 lt420,55kg0,34 cm0,30 cm0,24 cm11444
EP-00-0165204401580023Metal Tin 4 lt416,836kg0,34 cm0,30 cm0,24 cm11444
EP-00-0155204401580139Metal Tin 3 lt612,912kg0,22 cm0,31 cm0,30 cm12560
EP-00-0035204401580030Metal Tin 1 lt1212,75kg0,27 cm0,30 cm0,23 cm13565
EP-00-0045204401580047Metal Tin 500 ml126,77kg0,19 cm0,27 cm0,20 cm14570
EP-00-0205204401580160Metal Tin 250 ml123,64kg0,13 cm0,27 cm0,21 cm14570
EP-00-0175204401580306Pet Bottle 1 lt1211,295kg0,28 cm0,34 cm0,26 cm10550
EP-00-0195204401580313Pet Bottle 2 lt611,73kg0,29 cm0,31 cm0,22 cm12560
EP-00-0225204401580184Metal Tin rectangle 1 lt1212,675kg0,20 cm0,35 cm0,25 cm245120
EP-00-0235204401580191Metal Tin rectangle 500 ml126,770kg0,22 cm0,19 cm0,19 cm245120
EP-00-0245204401580207Metal Tin rectangle 250 ml127,232kg0,14 cm0,20 cm0,16 cm18590
EP-00-0255204401580214Metal Tin rectangle 100 ml487,172kg0,17 cm0,24 cm0,29 cm245120