The bio extra virgin olive oil, of the “Koroneiki” kind, comes from selected groups of producers of biological crops.

The healthy fruit is collected using a mild technique, as one by one the fruits are collected by hand and the production of oil takes place on the same day, through cold pressing In low temperatures without using any water.

It’s an extremely balanced kind of olive oil, rich in polyphenols, anti-oxidants and nutritional elements.

It has a soft taste, an intensely fruity scent, gold-green color, natural vitamins and superior organoleptic properties.

CodeBarcodeProduct and SizeItems / BoxGross Weight/ BoxHeightLengthWidthBoxes / RowRowsBoxes / Pallete
OR-01-0025204401560025Metal Tin, 500ml126,770kg0,19 cm0,27 cm0,20 cm14570
OR-01-0035204401560032Metal Tin, 250ml123,640kg0,13 cm0,27 cm0,21 cm14570
OR-01-0065204401560063Bottle, 500ml1211,155kg0,30 cm0,25 cm0,20 cm19595
OR-01-0075204401560070Bottle, 250ml126,070kg0,25 cm0,21 cm0,16 cm285140